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Originally Posted by Inspector View Post
Been searching for 3 days. The more i search the less i understand. The large threads here are too far offtopic for my tiny head to get around. I don't have the money for a Montana which would have stopped the question in the first place I also get lost in my own backyard if that makes a difference.
Used for
small bike (sometimes medium one)
trails (maybe a few FS roads)

Card slot
Priced around $250(hoping)
Run on batteries
Backtrack for when I'm lost
Save my traveled tracks and be able to upload/edit/download and travel again later
Download someone else's tracks
Good inexpensive mounting system (not $150 one )

Don't care
touch screen
easy to read while riding

Don't need
Tide tables
moon phases
tutorials on how to blow my nose

I was looking at the Montana or 60/62st priced at around $500. If I can get one that will work fine for half that now....all over that! So seeing the 78 for $230 has my interested peaked. I'm assuming the 62 that is only a couple bucks more would also need hundreds of dollars worth of maps? Sigh...Help this befuddled old man.
I have zero experience with these things myself, know what you mean about the threads. I'm basically looking for the same stuff you are.

I've kept looking at the Oregon over the past few days. The more experienced say to skip the "T" version w/preloaded topos & get better ones for free at GPS File Depot. These are out there for either side of $200 depending where you look.
I'm thinking this unit, with City Navigator added for the car, will just about cover everything I can see needing (at this point).
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