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Originally Posted by Myfuture_yourdebt View Post
So was it "the few that remained" that felt like they had a monopoly and the best stuff so they priced it accordingly, or was it the Smithsonian? Or both?

Both. But in the end, I think only the Smithstonian was left standing. And maybe one other, but it was owned by the same guy/family.

The other reason I know about this (apart from my sons) is that a very close family friend is (was and will be again) in the business. He and his brother are growers and licensed MMJ operators. They did very well for themselves for a short while and made enough to purchase two nice homes (cash, as they literaly couldn't find a bank to finance them with their only source of income being legal MMJ sales revenues) and cars, etc.

Now for the past year, they have been black marketers. And they still do very very well. One of the two brothers is planning on dispersing his growing ops, continuing to buy from the "source" he's had for years that makes up for what he can't grow and then open up a store front or two in the area. He plans to "sell out the front to the new market and out the back to my regulars". Why pay taxes on it when he doesn't have to.

You can call me a liar, or say I made it up, but I literally just talked to the guy on Fri afternoon, and when his shop opens in a year or so, I'll give you the businesses name and address. He's a cool guy. And if I'm going to send business anywhere, it might as be to a friend of the family.
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