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Originally Posted by gabepari View Post
You guys and your "real" dirt bikes You think the sand and rocks were hard? Try it on a 43 year old Honda Trail 90 with tiny little tires and no suspension... Oh and did I mention, only 90cc!!!!

We made it. 434 miles with a total of about 70 miles of pavement. I'm still sore

I guess it had to be you or your buddy (unless there were other trail 90's out there), but me and my riding partner were stopped working a mechanical issue on the powerline road NE of Baker.

As one of you rode by you yelled out something like "This is a trail 90!!!".

Jokingly I said to my buddy, "I think he was taunting us, should have thrown a rock at him. If we pass him let's roost him."

Hats off to you guys on those bikes.
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