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Originally Posted by Spank View Post
I guess it had to be you or your buddy (unless there were other trail 90's out there), but me and my riding partner were stopped working a mechanical issue on the powerline road NE of Baker.

As one of you rode by you yelled out something like "This is a trail 90!!!".

Jokingly I said to my buddy, "I think he was taunting us, should have thrown a rock at him. If we pass him let's roost him."

Hats off to you guys on those bikes.
You know, I was worried about getting roosted the whole time. Figured there would be a bunch of type A personalities with something to prove BUT, I will have to say, we got nothing but compliments, thumbs up and encouraging words from EVERY rider we came across. This was our first B2V and our first multi hundred mile trek on the 90's. It was an AWESOME experience. The trails were fun, but the people made the event memorable.

See y'all on the trail, though it will be a while before I saddle up the 90 again. I'll be nursing my wounds and riding my te450 for a while

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Yes, I was the idiot that rode a '69 Trail 90 at LAB2V
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