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Originally Posted by Crisis management View Post
I reckon Krops' a secret MM lover, he won't come out a say it being a refined pom but will work away at our subconcious (or, if you're an Aussie, unconcious ) until we find we all love him.
Secret my arse. I've made no bones about it, he is an alien. Only need to see those onboard videos from Motegi and Valencia to see why he is faster than the rest: no indecision. He instinctively makes the right call every time, and knows no fear. He's going to hurt himself a lot, though, because he's going to crash a couple of times next year. I hope he doesn't hurt himself too badly or anyone else.

Now he just needs his Spanish handlers to loosen the reins a little, and let him be the young man he is. Right now, he's a little too I'd-like-to-thank-my-sponsors to be truly entertaining.

And on a side note, something of the opposite is happening with Pedrosa. He is cutting loose a little, and is developing the knack of the bone-dry put down. He isn't lively, but he is becoming much wittier than he was before.
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