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Originally Posted by TheDudeAbides View Post
He got banned? Wha happen?

and p.s. you asked numerous times.
Yes, I was appeasing you and him, numerous times. Doesn't that sound great. Enjoy.

Why can't you just explain what behavior it is that really makes me a stalker? Because there is no behavior I'm doing that makes me a stalker. You're just saying that because your argument is devolving into childish name-calling and you have no where else to go. And in all of that, you've managed to avoid responding to this:
Originally Posted by Myfuture_yourdebt View Post
So was it "the few that remained" that felt like they had a monopoly and the best stuff so they priced it accordingly, or was it the Smithsonian? Or both? I don't think anyone was questioning whether or not they went into dispensaries or whether or not they would frequent new ones if they opened up (presumably you're talking about commercial stores) I'm not sure why you're mentioning them.
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