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Originally Posted by TheDudeAbides View Post
I responded to it in full right here. Maybe you didn't see it

My bad, I must have lost sight of it amongst all your other posts of YouTube videos and calling me a stalker (you know, your "content"). I'm just trying to follow along, according to your sons, at first all the dispensaries claimed to have a monopoly on the best buds and priced theirs accordingly...and then all got shut down except for one, and then that lone dispensary, the Smithsonian, did the exact same thing, claiming to have a monopoly on the best buds which they priced accordingly. I got it, that makes perfect sense...if you're trying to push a theory about dispensary made or otherwise legal buds being priced high compared to the black market (which has already been disproven by reality) and are willing to fabricate stories to support your argument.
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