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Originally Posted by dlh62c View Post
With the microSD installed in the Montana, and when MapInstall opens, it searchs for the device. The device window has a drop down arrow next to it, it should show the gps (Montana (Unit ID ####) + SD card). That's where your map will end up. At least that's' where it ends up on my 62s. Without the microSD card installed, the map gets sent to the 62s's internal memory. The map file takes the name of the map set your using.

I hope that all made sense. Now if my 62s will just DIE, so I can get me a Montana.

Yes, it made sense but I would like to clarify.
I did see (Montana (Unit ID ####) + SD card) with the SD card installed, your saying in this situation the map transfer will automatically default to the SD card? If so, that's great, anytime I want to put anything on the Montana itself I just remove the SD card.

Sorry for the noob questions, I know there are several resources on this but I just cant seem to find the answers I'm looking for.
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