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Originally Posted by High Country Herb View Post
First off, you should have life insurance whether you ride or not.

The next thing I would consider is the difference between the risk factors of overall motorcyclists vs. those not drinking or speeding. Sober riding is easy, but do you like to speed? You mentioned the "rush", so I would say probably. What about a slower bike? Maybe something vintage with a top speed around 60 mph?

Another route to take would be to switch to dirt riding only. My friend did this, and now he and his young son ride together and often. It really seems to satisfy his need for acceleration nicely.

If none of that sits well with you, and you end up giving up riding, that S2000 can provide some serious thrills. Have you ever autocrossed it? Risk to the car (and you) is minimal, but you get to push to the limit and beyond. Certainly the most fun I've had on 4 wheels.
Wise man here. High Country knows the trials of a motorhead...

Autocross is fun if you get serious about it and produce results. No doubt off road riding is one of the best elixirs. Might even inject some hobby hare scramble racing to make your experience more soulful. No question you could get hurt, but the speeds are low for the most part, so the catastrophic risk is less.

I liked weekend motocross, but when I got hurt, my decision to quit was more about focusing on maximizing my career to be the best provider for my family. It wasn't about risk.

As family men, we want to be good providers above all else.
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