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So here is where it all started I got the bike up on the lift and started looking. I knew that I wanted to go cafe-ish but I also knew I needed to strip the poor old beast prior to any hacking

So now the big pieces start to come off starting at the back and moving forward

Once the fairing was off I put the tail back on to look. Now I am old enough to have had Sir Mix-a-Lot on cassette (now on my iPod) and while I agree with his proclamation of love for large round backsides this was too much Ghetto Booty, that ass is huge

I knew I was going to bob that tail when I started so I needed to get down to the seatpan

After putting the seatpan back on I measured that I could lop 8 inches out of the middle to get the look I desired but because I was bobbing the seat I had to bob the frame too

Now that the frame was bobbed I could get to the tail and seatpan. I have to mention that before the big snowball I was going to use the factory seat hinges and mounting so it would still lift and pivot as it was designed to do.

rusty and dirty

needs some patchin

Here to being 8 inches short

the tail is now ready to be cut to match the seatpan

Oh TIG welder how I love thee

and here is the tail mounted up looking much better than the ghetto bootied start

But I still have the rusty seatpan to deal with, in the below photos I joined the sections, patched the rusty hole, and installed new metric Nutserts to attach the tail

Done and painted

I wanted the tail to have a cleaner look so I stared at it for a while, had a couple beers and got this bright idea to pinch the subframe supports inward to the battery box mount leaving room on the outside to lay down the shocks I figured I would just make some new shock mounts and leave the subframe pretty much factory (with the exception of the pinched support bars)

With this idea the snowball began to roll I ordered a pair of external reservoir off ebay that were just a bit longer than the factory ones. but once I got them I found that my idea of pinching the subframe supports didnt pencil out like I thought,so the cutting and chopping began in earnest. I distinctly remember putting the recip saw to the subframe mounting tab and asking myself if I was making a good decision so I had a beer and ignored the stupid naysaying voice.

To be continued......
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