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So now it is Thanksgiving and I am trucking down 90 headed west… I have to say going from a sport bike to the KLR takes a bit of adjustment, even more in 30 mph+ crosswinds. There were times on Thursday when I couldn’t even go faster than 65 mph in 5th gear the wind was so strong. I had to get off the freeway for a bit.

That sun…

So I wanted to make it to Rapid that night… which didn’t happen, not even close. The biggest mistake I made was thinking it was going to be like driving a car. Now I have gone from Galveston TX to North Branch MN without stopping which is over 1500 miles, but that was in a car. I have also done 500 miles on the sport bike in one day, but that was in 50 degree+ weather and doing 85 mph on the freeway. Anyways it was 6 pm, dark, and then it started snowing… I kept pushing on until my visor froze over and all I could see were fuzzy little marks on the road. So I pulled off and got a hotel, I pussed out, but at that point all I wanted was to be warm and dry.

Stayed in the town of Chamberlain on the Missouri River… woke up to a balmy 19 degrees. Boy was that a cold morning… didn’t back subzero riding gear. I was good down to 32 degrees, below that fucking sucked.

Famous bridge I was told.

My seat wasn’t having the cold and promptly cracked.

Lots of nothing out there… but freezing ass cold and wind.

Stopped at the famous Wall Drug, after seeing a thousand signs I had too!

Finally got to Rapid City which I never would have made it too in one day… Just too far on a KLR for me, especially in this weather. First stop after getting fuel, food, and a few other supplies was Mount Rushmore, but I wasn’t waiting in line to take the same ubiquitous photo so I stopped here instead… old George looking out for me.

So now it was time to ride some dirt after 600 miles of asphalt… I didn’t venture out too far, being by myself I didn’t want to get hurt and become Mountain Lion food. Heard more than one person tell about how bad the big cats were this year, something to do with the drought.

I had just gone down on the snow as I came around that corner too hot… didn’t get a pic because my squirrel chewed gas cap was spewing my precious petrol on the ground. Man the KLR is hard to pick up, especially when you are slipping around on the ice. Then it was off to Deadwood before dark…

That sunset… and them colors.

It had snowed on Wednesday, which I was a little worried about… but the roads were pretty clear. Here I am the top of Lead, right before riding down a terrifyingly icy road into Deadwood.

So I pussed out again and got a hotel… too damn cold for me. View off the 4th floor smoking porch at Deadwood Dick’s.

Scary but awesome elevator… I got stuck in one a few months back and they have scared me a bit ever since.

Originally I was trying to do this on a very tight budget… but that fell apart when I decided not to camp so I also decided to splurge on some nice food. This meal was worth every penny… hell I would have paid double for how good it was and how much I was enjoying myself.

Buffalo Ravioli… so so good, especially with a Shiner.

Awesome heated porch.

Locals were talking about how the gambling laws had really rejuvenated this town, and it really showed.

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