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You cant do it all

As with any project you are going to have some epic fails and while I am good at many things I suck at upholstery. I tried dear lord I tried and I found that I have neither the patience or willingness to learn this skill. Needless to say I will be farming out the upholstery to someone who knows WTF they are doing

I started with the Ghetto Booty foam that was in the seat and I began to piece it together

I shaped the foam to something that looked like I wanted and went to the fabric store and purchased some marine grade vinyl. I tried to make a seat cover in the photo below but it ended looking like I had put pickled eggs and oatmeal in a plastic grocery sack, it was hideous and shameful.

Needless to say that is why in the latest photos there is only foam to protect my tender tushy

More to follow.....
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