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So, was running Hyperpro springs front and back and I recently upgraded the rear shock to a Wilbers with the piggy back including rebound and compression adjustment. I left the front springs in and have the rear shock dialed in and the bike handles amazing, no matter what I'm riding over I just pick a line and the bike just goes where I want it very smotthly. I have a set of X-Challenge cartridges that will give me rebound and compression adjustments so I can add them and get a little more fine tuned but still really can't add preload. So my question is, considering the huge improvement the rear shock has been and how much nicer the bike handles all around, should I a)leave it alone, b) drop in the Xchallenge cartridges and play around until I get it dialed, or c) just jump in and get the Traxxion setup ?

Most of my of road riding is jeep trails with gravel to rutted out trails littered with baby heads plus the once every couple of week trek to the Pine Barrens to do a mix of the above with some nice deep sugar sand thrown in

My other option is drop in the x-challenge cartridges when I do a fork service next month then wait for the new Ohlins set up
My experience was going from the stock suspension to the AK-20 and then the Wilburs shock.

I thought the forks were a MUCH bigger improvement than the shock. YMMV

the FS Roads here are mostly hard pack to loose gravel, there isn't much sand in East TN.

As far as Traxxion vs Ohlins, for me it came down to $$$$$$$, the Ohlins are so much more I can't see it. (that's the Ohlins USA setup)

Are the Xchallenge cartidges a drop in?
I thought Traxxion was very easy to deal with (and for me not that far away)
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