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This was my first LAB2V - I have wanted to do this ride since 1997.. I wished it was one day longer, three days would have been the tits.. La to B to V back 2 B

I borrowed a motorcycle for this ride, mine wasn't ready. Ben, my new riding buddy I had not met before the ride and I set off together on day one. Him on his Xr650R and me on a franken bike.. it was a DR350 frame, a DR250 engine and DR650 forks.

Neither of us broke down or even had a flat.. it was a perfect ride.

I bailed early on day one around 10am to the ER in Palmdale; I'm a dork and I forgot my goggles and passed the chance to buy some. I sat waiting in the ER for 5 and a half hours without being helped so I boogied to Barstow so I could check in for day two. My eye was feeling better or i just didn't care anymore, I wanted to ride.

After checking into the hotel in Barstow I met someone who had a medical background and he offered to clean my eye out. So we cleaned my eye out, got drunk on moonshine and told stories for a bit..

My new buddy and I took off sat morning before sun up and got ahead of the 590 rider dust cloud by riding I-40 for a few miles to lomboc or lomock or however it's spelled.. from there we rode up to the I15 through the sand woops .. I think that was the best part of the ride honestly. We might have skipped better parts but that's the part I liked the best.

We ended up riding side by side together for most of the time, even through the gnarly stuff. I was really pleased it was all working out to be a not only perfect mechanical ride but a near effortless ride with my new buddy, we just clicked.

We skipped baker, went to the lunch chk point, skipped lunch and kept pushing all day long, never stopping for more than ten minutes at a time. We made it to the last part about 2:30pm before Red Rock, so we could do it before dark.. but we decided to throw in the towel and call it a good ride.

We rode into vegas for some beers while it as still daylight; i was hoping to get laid but no such luck. Should have done the last hard split.

We came in 53'rd/54th out of 590, not a bad pace at all considering I only had one eye I could see clearly out of; as long as I didn't have to look over my right shoulder I was good to go.

I rode back from vegas to Barstow on the dirt bike.. it was 10 hours home from there with traffic.

I kept seeing this guy with an American flag on his water pack throughout the ride; he got back to Barstow the same time I did from vegas on Sunday but he rode back through the desert and I took the Hwy; I shook his hand.. cool dude, fast as the wind.

I swear he was lapping us.. maybe we would stop and he would pass and we'd pass and he'd be stopped; but he was riding so fast when he was riding it seemed like he lapped us more than once. Anyone know that guy? Is he an ISDE finisher?

I will be back next year; I'm a D37 convert..
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