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Originally Posted by viajerosolo View Post
My buddy sent me picture of the adventure windscreen from crfsonly installed, and frankly; it looks a LOT better than I thought it might. Do you think a Giant Loop Great Basin would fit on the bike? I am fully aware it would look ridiculous, but it seems to be a good (and popular) option. The coyote is advertised on crfsonly, so I am sure that will fit; but may not provide the storage capacity for the sort of riding I am thinking of.

As far as being an "old guy," I am a young guy and would appreciate the 100lbs in weight difference from the change as well.
Thanks for mentioning crfsonly, I guess I "missed the memo" on that site. Looks like they have some good bits for this machine. I'm also not familiar with the coyote you mentioned, and didn't see it on the website, although they did show the Giant Loop MoJavi Saddlebag in the 250L section......

I just ordered a skid plate, the windshield brackets, and the Sequoia rack Sunday, but ordered them from TCI products. I'm hoping they will be here in a couple weeks. I have some old windshields off various bikes in the basement and hope to trim one down to fit. (yeah, this should be interesting) If anyone has tips on cutting a windshield I'm all ears.

I liked the Sequoia rack since I already have a pair of waterproof Ortlieb bags I used on my KLR, and it looks like I could tie just about anything to those racks. I've used Happy Trails aluminum bags on other bikes and like the capacity and the protection in a crash (of course I guess that could mess you up too) but when I hit a deer on my Vstrom those bags took most of the damage and saved my plastic. I'm hoping I won't hit another deer and think the soft bags will be good for carrying what I need.
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