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Originally Posted by bbishoppcm View Post
I would avoid using the "Spacy" name, as tempting as it sounds. People won't get it, and they'll think it's either some Chinese scooter, or that you're a huge fan of Kevin Spacey but couldn't spell it right. She looks good though, WAY better than my '86 did when I dragged it home!
I'm not going to use it. Just got a "Ride the World" decal to stick over the scratch.
It is in decent shape. Plenty of rust down below but all in all I'm very pleased with how quickly it's come together. All the lights worked, brakes work (sort of), dash works but the clock battery is toast, and it seems to be running just like it should. Rode with earplugs today and heard some squeaks somewhere up front, I'll have to check that out. Otherwise I think it's good to ride. Just need to trade in my VT tags for NY now.

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