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Oh!? That is deep.
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I used to take my GSA pretty far off the beaten track but started to feel bad - actually realized after a ride on a friends KTM that I wasn't fast and I was working hard to get the speeds I was getting. The KTM was so much more suited to ripping along on dirt trails, jumping ditches and digging through the mud. I ended up buying a KTM 690 for the off road fun while still having all the road going capability. At 310lbs it's pretty light. Not a woods weapon but depending on what you mean by off road it might be a good option, though the price point may be north of your planned budget to get a new one. Lots of good options out there from the slate of 250cc offerings to the bigger thumpers. Where and how do you plan to use the bike, are you a experienced road rider, how big of guy are you. Biggest point will be to look for opportunities to get saddle time on a variety of bikes. Anything lighter than the GSA and with the bigger front wheel will certainly feel more at home on the dirt.
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