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Continuing on....

Once you cross over to the other side (north side) of Deer Creek you enter into a State Game Refuge and after a little ways it opens up to just brush. You're out of the trees for awhile. Why the lack of trees I'm not sure but it's still beautiful country where there was a lot of volcanic activity about a billion years ago. Actually the most recent volcanic activity in the area wasn't that long ago. If I weren't so lazy I'd pull up the info for you but if you're really interested, you can google it.

As I rode along I noticed there was a lot and I mean A LOT of bear scat/poop/dung, whichever you prefer, on the road. The most I had ever seen on a ride. Seriously it was everywhere. The only thing I could think of was the bear population may have condensed to the Game Refuge due to bear season being open. I did see a lot of bear hunters in the Hogsback area.
Looking West,

As I rode through the area, it was pretty overgrown, bushes overgrown the road a little, I began thinking maybe I should slow down a little in the event that I might come around a curve and run into a bear. Probably wouldn't be a good thing. So I did and took it all in a little more. Looking Northwest.

Soon after the previous picture the Lassen Trail and Ponderosa Rd. merge together for a little ways, Soon I came to my turn that would take me into the Ishi Widerness Area.

A couple of pics as I decended in elevation.

Looking west. That mountain range way off in the distance is the Pacific Coast Range the other side of the valley.

Looking down the road where I was heading. Sorry about the glare but I actually like the picture.

I passed by these sign boards and had to turn around to come back to them. Hadn't expected them. I wish you could read them. Sorry.

This is Mill Creek. Black Rock Campground is here.

Black Rock. It's one big a--ed rock.

Another veiw, better.

Another veiw from the canyon looking towards the valley. The thing about this ride is you wind your way in and out of multiple canyons working your way north from Chico towards Red Bluff. It was kind of cool as I slabbed it back to Chico on Hwy 99 to look east toward where I was riding and realize that I had just come through the area working my way through the canyons.

Just a road shot. Nothing intense here. Pretty easy riding but fun stuff.

Rock wall along the canyon.

South Fork Antelope Creek. South Antelope Campground is here also.

More mossy rock.

Water crossing Middle Fork Antelope Creek.

Ok, I'll leave you here at another water crossing and finish this tommorrow night.
No, I don't know where that road goes, let's find out!
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