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Manti-La Sal NF and Dark Canyon

After our short rest break in Blanding City Park, BackCountryCruizer and I put our boots back on around 2pm, and headed west on the same graded gravel we came into town on (W Water rd). Chatting over our Scala headsets, we were a bit concerned with the darkening clouds over the dark canyon wilderness peaks. As most know, roads can really goto crap quick...fingers crossed...

W Water Rd turns into Elk Mountain, then onto Gooseberry rd. All nice graded gravel. At around 8K feet the landscape turns into forest with green bunch grasses.

At around 8500ft, you begin to see the Aspen groves. Fall colors were just starting to show a hint of the transition.

Big pines

Near the Devils Causeway

Aspen groves stretching up Mt Linnaeus (~11K ft). Separated young bovine

Nearing twins peaks, tons of deer in this area. Also saw a black bear. Wild country.

One of the twin peaks, very pretty area...notice the white dots? Utility comm trucks coming/going to a near by microwave comm tower. Long ways from the main road.

We had a waypoint to Buckboard CG , so decided to check it out. Didn't find a soul, except lots of deer, so setup camp in the monster group site. Top notch place with good water, cement floor outhouse, nothing but 5 star tent spots for these travelers. Cell phones even worked ...

After a hot meal, the night air cooled very quickly. Big puffy clouds were still threatening in the area, so we made sure camp and tents were secure before climbing into bed.

This was an incredible and diverse day of riding. 10 more to go...

Day 1 conclusion 195 miles

Next up Canyon lands and Lockhard basin
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