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Day 2 started late per usual. Shit I left at 7am and I was one on the last. I was told to go straight to Baker.
Eff that, I headed to Ludlow down the 40 and caught the start of the sand monster there.

This was a special section for me because back in '09 I was on the 990 and it was not so much fun.

Throttle is the steering and clutch is the brake, got it .

This time was a BLAST on the Husaberg. I just flew over those dunes and whoops what a huge difference.

Notice the Day 2 GPS fix

Got to Rasor rd gas to see the high fashion Deux Machina doods posing for the pappers

I give them 95 pts for style

Cooling down the Berg. It ran like a $10 whore from a crooked cop!

Rode the pole line to Baker for a microwaved burrito, known to be on olympic training tables.

Hit the sandwashes again

This was a deep sand s-curved wash that claimed a few riders

this was also were I broke down in '09

Got to sandy valley and gulped down lunch where I hooked up agian with Stu.
Don't be fooled by Stu, he is a very fast rider

got turned around on the trail but finally got back on track to Redrock.
I thought Redrock was a pleasant senic finish to a long ride but I was sorely mistaken.

If it weren't for Stu I would still be out there!

All in all a fantastic ride. The key is to start early! don't screw around keep on it all day.
I was on a brand new bike with brand new gear so I was having a hard time getting adjusted to the whole new package.

I got so much help from my buddies that I would not have finished both days without 'em . I just hope I didn't slow you guys down too much.
I ended up doing most the whole course except for the headstart in Ludlow. I give much respect to those who did the entire roll chart, some of those sections were hard.

The sections weren't all that hard per se, but string it together in a 2 day 500 mile run and its gets more challenging.
My biggest problem was exhaustion and being able to do push-up, leg lifts, read the roll chart and ride the bike at the same time.

BTW, get the best protection you can, it served me well and I would have easily broken my shoulder and/or broken my ankle had I not been up armored.

The worse was having my room at the other end of the hallway after barely being able to get off the bike.

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