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Originally Posted by Stinkyb View Post
never liked the look of 2007 n older gsa stylings, yes there all ugly, but its ugly compared to other ugly gsa's

I have been lurking around for some time, trying to source used parts in order to perform the transformation. Finally pulled the trigger
There will be a few modifications to perform in order to update the "look"
*I am still waiting for the rest of my parts, will add them with pics of what it will take for those who are interested.

Beak fitted loosely, bolt holes dont match, they are close, but little concern for me. the beak slid in place quite easily

The first thing you need...err you prob dont need to, but there is a cross member that wraps up and over the oil cooler.
otherwise you would have to modify the new upper mud guard to accomodate the bar.
*the bar does not look to hold any structural load, was my main concern, and I would not recommend to do so unless you really want the look.

I will post more progress pictures if anyone is interested.....otherwise this thread can drop into the abyss with the rest of the oil threads and will save me wasted time.

Love the windscreen!
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