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Originally Posted by BAZZER450 View Post
my Ico has been bullet proof . now if there was a good heading repeater. I have one but it has a lagg thru my garmin
Scott what do you use ?
I use the digital heading display in my Garmin 76cx. But I'll soon be buying the repeater from Schattat:

For the Mexican 1000, you should not need a heading repeater nor the GPS displayed heading since threre is no "HP" (no road or trail). The whole race is on visible roads, even on the dry lakes. The 2013 roadbook may include some headings, but it's just an additional piece of information that might be slightly helpful but usually not. Now if NORRA decides to make things more challenging, they may make the headings important, but I doubt they will go that way for the Mexican 1000, at least not for 2013. On the other hand, how many people got lost last year in the first 3 miles of dirt because there were so many criss-crossing roads that made it confusing? Using the roadbook headings there could have saved some people a lot of trouble. Jonah Street would have never gotten lost there because he uses headings everywhere possible. I made several special training roadbooks just for him that had no tulip drawings at all, only mileages and headings. He could ride hundreds of miles with only mileages and headings.

If the Diabolical Rally ever happens, you won't make it through the first 10 miles without a compass. Most stages start with just an initial compass heading and the words "go HP"! Several stages are 100% HP.
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