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Coastal road

this was my last "big" ride on the island befor i left. it was a two day ride with a stop over in Port Salut.

It was almost all done off road along the coast and was one of my best rides. A communication error prior to leaving made in sort that i took a wrong turn and took the long way round to Port Salut unlike my two companions who took the short paved road. I'm really happy I took the other road, but i times i thought i would be spending the night on a deserted beach! Sounds good, just not in Haiti.

their is a road trough there, I swear!

restaurant and hotel for the night... where my friends waited for my arrival!

next morning, same old shit.... more coastal roads

A church in one of the few towns we crossed

Back to more coast

and beaches

and then mountains aong the coast

most of the last kms along the coast where going from sea level up to 1000m back to sea level in just a few km. the climbs where really steep, made for some interesting ridding.
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