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Gixxer weight is the hangup 424 lbs w/fuel . compared to near a 100 lbs less with the 250 size bikes

The offset sprocket does work you just need an additional bearing set up to the outside. Definitley more fab work though. & I have thought that you could poly mount in a cage with no movement available so it just dampens the vibes

A cheap more modern suspension bike is why I'm not looking at the buy & ride type. I have a real hard time just riding "stock" machines, tinkeritis bad, Thats half the fun putting it together & making it work.

I do have the KX550, SUMO really would be the easiest & probably the lightest.

The 250r motor shifted to the sproket side all the way would leave you more room for a pipe on the other side & you could bend the kicker on it as long as you had a decompressor in the head.

Thanks for the idea's & the cool pics of the sweet old iron Guy's
. I admit it's a bit of a PIPE dream at the moment, but thinking it through has really brought in some great ideas. More input definitley welcome.

Horse power wouldnt be as big of structural detriment as weight, I've read on some other forums that it would just trash a bike doubling the horsepower that the factory intended, but you see guys do that & more on Banshee's & other machines with no ill effect & considering you'd be losing weight with a lighter motor wouldnt that be a big positive structurally?
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