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Good fun Mike!

Should have shown the huge pile of foam wrapping after you got them naked.

Enjoy and don't hesitate to give me a call if you have any questions.

Torque spec info:

The 8mm oem drop guard bolts are 8.7 ft/lbs.

The 10mm rear side stand bolt is 46 ft/lbs. (rear throttle side mount)

The 8mm rear exhaust bracket bolt is 14 ft/lbs, (rear clutch side mount).

The center long bolt that holds the dash on, where the flat bar goes
is 11 ft/lbs

The two bolts between the upper and lower Rumbux are nylocks, so just
get them tight, no need to go overboard there. Same for the small 6mm
bolts and nuts on the front end of the flat bar.

I'd recommend using blue (242) loctite or equivalent on the bolts.
(not on the nylock ones!!)

Tip: When you're putting the lower bar on, leave the rear bolt out on
the oem tip over guards, as you'll just be pulling that out again to
mount the upper bars.

Other than the one bolt at 46 ft/lbs, they torque values are mostly to
prevent you from over tightening things. That should tell you that
they are not critical. If your torque wrench doesn't go down that
far, don't sweat it, just snug them up, then give a small extra pull,
like 1/8 of a turn or less and you'll be fine.
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