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Originally Posted by aequus View Post

To a man with a hammer, every problem looks like a nail, I guess.

Also, the top triple-clamp is now misaligned to the bottom one. How hard is it to realign?

And if I were to redo my head bearings (unnecessary but, everything's apart) what bearing tools are needed?
Triple clamp, wait till it's on the ground, and have a friend help.

Loosen the axle pinch bolt, the top and bottom clamp bolts, while one of you stops the front collapsing the other shimmies the front side to side, slowly decreasing the magnitude until it's straight and centred, check the front wheel is still seated, tighten the clamp bolts, bounce the front a few times (push it forward with the brake on) retighten the pinch bolt.

A spanner for the bearing clamp rings is highly recommended, doesn't need to be the official one. A pin spanner (Think it's called that) will do it.

Otherwise, some strong chopsticks and a hammer - spanner is easier.

If you do those bearings, for gods sake use tapered roller bearings.

Also, adjusting, there's the official way, and the way that works.
Get them seated, overtighten SLIGHTLY, no more than 16th of a turn, swing the bars gently side to side a few times, then back it off GENTLY in SMALL steps until it moves with little finger pressure. (If you don't do it like that, there's a film of grease on the bearings, it'll squish out in 20k's or so and they'll be loose again).

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