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Originally Posted by rpet View Post
I'm very close to owning a DR.

I have 2 questions:
At 6', and used to riding an XR250R (and DH mountain bike) and hoping to take this bike on either the TAT or CDT plus extra offroad touring credit next year, I am looking at RC High bars, Rox risers and high seat foam, plus an 18" rear wheel. Not looking to lower the pegs and reduce any ground clearance. Should that be an OK starting point for ergos?

2nd question: is a Q4 muffler fine or do I need to consider a header upgrade if the maximum performance mod I plan to do would be a carb, but probably sticking with just opening the airbox and replacing the filter. I'm generally skeptical on spending bones on headers if not overboring with cams, etc. I weigh 155lbs and pack light.

Great thread, but too much info to digest in a week (or a year).

thanks guys!
1. I am 6' and ride my DR650 with bar risers (1,5"?) and stock seat. I think that it suits me just fine that way. I have the 18" rear wheel and it is probably 1,5" taller in the forks and 2" in the rear. I can still get my feet down good enough, but I can't flat foot both at the same time.

2. I have the stock header and airfilter in an open airbox combined with a MXRob 39 mm FCR-MX (mated to a Lazer home-made slip-on). I have ground down the lug in the header a little, but have not gone crazy with it. So I would say no, there is no need. I'm 175 lbs and haul 30-40 lbs of gear with a 23 ltr fuel tank. The DR becomes pretty quick with that carb :)

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