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Originally Posted by sam_wilson View Post
WAYYYY over his head. I like your style,Mr.Burmshot. I have a strong feeling that this Bolt guy will be drifting off back to his little cyber room VERY soon. I have to wonder if the dork even rides.. Anyway I'm sorry if I pissed off the regulars her but that Bolt guy reminds of a KNOW IT ALL guy that we all had in Auto Shop in High School. I don't know about evryone else but the guy I knew back in shop is now doing a "mean Burger flip" @ McDonalds.
Whut? Aware me on the situation then? guy posted a story with no comments on his own. Looks like he has 500+posts of regular shit.. Not Trolling.

Seems like you guys are the ones being the ass hats. But I guess this is wayyyy over my head.

wtf r u talkin about cyber room and auto shop and mc donalds and shit. wtf does any of that have to do with this BOLT dude?
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