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Originally Posted by machinebuilder View Post
My experience was going from the stock suspension to the AK-20 and then the Wilburs shock.

I thought the forks were a MUCH bigger improvement than the shock. YMMV

the FS Roads here are mostly hard pack to loose gravel, there isn't much sand in East TN.

As far as Traxxion vs Ohlins, for me it came down to $$$$$$$, the Ohlins are so much more I can't see it. (that's the Ohlins USA setup)

Are the Xchallenge cartidges a drop in?
I thought Traxxion was very easy to deal with (and for me not that far away)
The XChallenge cartridges are a drop in, the springs between both bikes is the same part # which is puzzling and explains some of the complaints of the springs being to soft since there is such a weight difference between both bikes. I haven't had both fork internals side by side yet to determine where the Xchallenge gets the extra 40mm of travel from so I'll update when I do since I've heard conflicting stories as to why.
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