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Thanks again everyone. We appreciate all the kind words.

Glad you guys like the name. I knew the bike guys would all get it..and you do, including my riding buddies on FB.

We had some names picked out..and did not want any of the generics. I certainly did not wanna name my child Doug Jr. We also did not want to have name that was popular, or a piece of fruit, and anything that could be easily turned into a burn by other kids growing up, ie Tag ( the fag)....or anything like that.

One day a couple months ago, after we knew it he was gonna be a boy, we had a name or two picked out. Then, we were sitting there, and my wife asked what I thought about the name Ryder. I immediately thought it was perfect.

From the time I could ride a bicycle, I was on two wheels. I went from riding BMX and freestyle bikes, riding ramps and tricking, to mountain bikes and ten speeds. I even raced mountain bikes(amateur) for a season or so. Since I had to buy things for myself as a young man, I got my first motorcycle at age 19,and have been riding ever since, 20 years or so. I have done sport touring, track days, and as of the last couple years gotten in dirt, dual sporting, woods riding and hare scrambles. The long and short of all that is, Daddy is a Rider, so it just clicked that my boy would be a "Ryder".

Have a great holiday season, and ride safe guys. Black ice season is upon us.

And no worries Sallydog, I'll still be out riding and tagging...just on a little hiatus for now.
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