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Originally Posted by Kenbike View Post
I have a CJ rack and the slots on the edge are to narrow for the plastic straps of most luggage to slide thru. The rack is very good otherwise
Hi Ken, I'm interested to hear and see your issues? What year did you get your rack?

We have updated the design during the 2012 season to open up those slots.

We use butterfly clips on flat straps to offer fast and easy release of the bags w/o un threading any straps. These drop through and pull tight, to take the entire bag and straps off- Loosen, flip 90 degrees and pull through the slot. Very fast, simple, and strong.

For ROX straps we thread the closed loop through the slots and back inside the loop to pull tight. Do that to both ends and you have a secure tie down point using ROX straps.

Please feel free to email me any pics, issues with your luggage loading, or thoughts on improvements. I'm more than willing to listen. These have been going strong now for over 7yrs and 150,000 miles on our bikes.
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