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Originally Posted by Gummee! View Post
I liken Strava to loud pipes on cuisers. 'hey lookit ME!! I got a KOM!' The only positive I see out of it is if you use Strava as a benchmark to hit on specific training days for specific reasons. Otherwise, if you wanna race, race.
Your head remains firmly buried in the sand on this point, Gummee. Your comparison to loud pipes couldn't be further off the mark. Loud pipes do nothing but harm your hearing. Strava allows riders of all levels to track their performance and assess their abilities. It allows you to monitor your heart rate, the energy you've expended in watts, and the total calories burned. It also shows you the areas where your performance is strong and where it's weak. By comparing my times on certain segments to those of other riders, I can see that I'm very strong when it comes to outright speed of flat grades. I'm in the middle of the pack on climbs and on technical trails, so these are the areas I need to devote more time to. I wouldn't be aware of any of this if it weren't for Strava. As for the allure of setting personal records, what exactly is wrong with that? Setting goals is what drives people to improve their abilities and achieve things they never would have thought possible at the outset. Why you continue to insist that only certain goals (i.e. race results) are legitimate is beyond me. The very fact that you need to make non-sensical comparisons to loud pipes shows that your opposition to Strava is devoid of any rational justification.
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