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Originally Posted by Jnich77 View Post
I camp at state parks year round, I don't have this problem... Really man.. lay off it. We all know you don't like Florida... give it a rest.
So now you are the one to go to for a camp spot... who do you know?
FWIW- We actually like to go to FL for certain popular state parks & to fish, thus my reason for stating displeasure with not being able to get in the parks. We fish & ride bikes. I was making a point about the difficulty of getting into their parks that you cannot accept. Please visit Reserve America & find me a spot for more than one day running in the winter. Or, find me a camp spot in a southerly beach area state park for more than one day running. Yes, I was making a point & it wasn't about not liking FL, rather about cannot get a frigging camp spot! Many of us don't want to make our reservations a year in advance to the day just to get in a state park as there other things in life going on for some of us. Know what's being said & you won't have to defend the "wrong thing"... or accuse me of beating a dead horse.
As to KW, yes you nailed my opinion on it as I flat have no use for the place . As a cross country destination or a backdoor destination I'll pass on that one .
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