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Need Help Please We Are Looking At A 800GS or 800XC To Replace Our DR650s on RTW Trip

Good morning guys

Have done a little research with the time we have had but we need to make a decision reasonably soon, like in the next few days, I am relying a little here on the ADV tree for a little help please.

In brief, we are Two Moto Kiwis, we are 7 months into a 2 year plus RTW trip heading from Alaska to Argentina and maybe beyond on two DR650's, Ellen my wife took an epic binning see here and has called it quits and a rider but wants to continue two up so we are going to travel lite fro here and make it work, we are currently in Mexico about four days from the border of lukville or yuma.

Our insurance that we were lead to believe covered us doe not so we will be down the hole to whatever we spend, have been looking at new but would consider correctly priced second hand, all options are open.

So our choices are an 800 being not too big, I am about 5' 6.5" 162 lbs dry weight without gear, Ellen is 114 lbs dry weight without gear so neither of us a big and I am just 30 inch inseam so a tall bike is out of the question.

We are looking to go Caribou cases, one each side and a wolfman rollie soft top bag to keep weight down, also probably need a medium size tank bag.

From where I am sitting, dealerships and parts from USA south is important.

For me, the pros for the F8 is shorter reach to the bars, narrower seat so better standover height for me, trade off is comfort.

Fuel, tanks options available??, would a std tank in SA be ok or are we into aftermarket rotopax or similar, someone made a big tank that lost rider has, cost??

So gents (and ladies), a little advice on set up if possible to make sure we are headed in the right direction, we are not dummies but obviously changing steeds and going from two down to one has its challenges.

Good info welcomed, please don't turn it into a pissing match as there are plenty of other threads we can do that on, also any local knowledge on better dealerships to deal with and bike that are available preferably closer to Mexico than Canada.

Appreciate your help guys, cheers Andi & Ellen
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