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Originally Posted by cjbiker View Post
What does it cost to get a KTM or Husky suspension set up for your weight and riding style? At 200lbs, the OP would benefit from that on whatever bike he chooses.
On a KTM, Husky or Euro bike? 200 bucks for springs.

On a Japanese bike? 1k for re-valve, Race Tech Gold service, Ohlins or similar.

Suspension that comes stock on Japanese bikes are a disposable item.

Have any of you guys ridden Enduros in the snotty, tight, sugar-sand and wet NorthEast? No?

I have.

An XRL and DR650 is WAY too heavy for that terrain, no matter what mods you do.

A DRZ is passable with a lot of mods, but still suffers from being top-heavy and having shitty suspension like all other Japanese Bikes.

Regarding the 250s.....a 300lb, 250 4-stroke is not going to have the balls to blow through a foot of Jersey Sugar sand or climb the rocky, rooty off-camber climbs of PA.

There is a reason why so many guys in the NorthEast ride KTMs.

OP, attend an enduro or DS ride BEFORE buying and ask around THERE. DONT ask here, on ADV. Ask people who RIDE THE TERRAIN.
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