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This is where the whole project changed, I had purchased the longer shocks and had found they would not work with the pinched subframe support idea. So I got out the recip saw and cut of the subframe mounting tabs. Once the tabs were cut off I had some rather ugly growths that needed to be smoothed

Now to build a new subframe, I used threaded rod bolted through the battery box holes in order to be able to adjust the seatpan and tail to the correct height and angle prior to tacking together a subframe. It worked pretty well and I used a 3rd bolt on the tire to get the rear at the correct height.

And now the shock mounts need built so I had a beer and l stared for a while. My first thought was to make the shock mounts support the seat. so I mocked up a bracket from card board.

And I got ready to make some cuts

Flame cutting is ok but I really need a plasma torch

Since I had flamecut ala freehand the brackets they needed some work to look respectable so I clamped them together for some judicious grinding and shaping[/img]

After shaping them I have 4 brackets that look exactly like each other and match the template I had made

Now to drill the holes the shocks will bolt through

Everyone has a supervisor and mine says he is not convinced that the shockmounts I am making will look good. He said some other stuff too but it was mostly about Batman and Lightning McQueen.

Once I got the hole drilled and the mounts bolted to the shock I had to form the mounts to match the curvature of the frame.

And this is where I end up not happy I really should have listened to my supervisor as he has an eye for aesthetics. With the mounts fomed and the tail in place on top of them it looked clunky and like an afterthought. The mounts did not flow with the shape of the tail or the frame. So I sat in my rocking chair, had a beer, and cried while staring at the damn thing. My supervisor would have my ass if I screwed this up, so I continued to cipher until I had a better idea.
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