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Breather, seal and torque...

I had a second from work today and was able to get the parts from KTM.
I talked about getting the breather for the oil engine case and cleaning out the airbox.
Here is a pic of the parts i got from KTM.
Not a pretty sight - gotta say - not a pretty sight at all.

I try not to be to nasty about it - but Iīm not happy with that piece of manufacturing crap that they sell and get produced for the engine. The seal is of so bad materials and quality that there is no wonder it fails often.
Anyhow - the new one got a ton of lube on it and went in with no huss what so ever. Just a little tap with the proper size socket and I changed the other gasket and put it back together. There are 2 sensor wires that run on the lower left side of the cover that really get in the way of business. Had a 5 minute fight with them and then just disconnected and got it sorted.
Case closed - literally.

So further on - the carbs are cleaned and the airbox is washed inside and out and the line connection from the top of the box was removed. I later used it to make the adaptor for the little breater thingamajiggle.
I plugged the hole with a soft rubber cover and glued it on with the engine "silicone". Just like to be shore, it would not get loose and start collecting dirt straight into to the carbs.

Now onwards with the breather. I took the hose and itīs measures yesturday and visited a performance shop that has a lot of breathers on hand. With the adaptor and clamp and breather I would have been set back almost 20 EUR. So I was not happy with the idea. Not that I donīt have the 20 EUR but for these things I will not pay 20. So I decided to use the little breathers from my SAS system leftovers. With less than 2 minutes I had the aluminium tube removed from the airbox and stuck it right into the hose and the little SAP- breather fits snug into the hole on the other end. Just to be sure I glued it with some engine sealant. And voila - this is how it looks.

The whole tube with the new breather fits just snug behind the airbox and between the air intake "peak".

There was some time left, so the fuel pump was removed. Jeesh it was stuck on the rubber mount. Screwdrivers and brute force and some nasty words got it loose. (ish what the austrians probably call "gentle persuasion" or " remove with caution".
The hull of the pump is full of burned metal debry and dust and looks like rusted piece of crapens. But the state of the contacts on the pump is not all that bad and Iīll do the capacitor mode on it. proper clean and good seal should keep it all dry and hopefully also working for longer time.
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