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On the hunt - new mufflers

Hey all!

Cranked up the R100RT (1983) the other morning. Man that was a cold ride to work! Anyway, exhaust was pissing out the bottoms of both the stock pipes. Can you apply the term "pissing" to a gas though? Farting out perhaps? Seems that they had finally started to rust through. It's just pin holes at the moment.

I've done a search on here for after market options but it seems I'm swimming upstream. You see I want something as quiet or quieter than stock! I'm firmly in the camp of loud pipes are for those who can't operate loud horns. Frankly I like stealth bikes. Everything I've seen has comments like "more authority" or "nice bark" or "f%$king loud!" That and the price of new factory mufflers? Hoy!!!! Max's has them listed at $380 EACH!

So I send this question into the ether. Who makes a decent, not insanely expensive after market bolt on muffler that won't deafen the neighbourhood, scare the cows and give me a headache?


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