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Another inmate here much wiser than I on these matters said the connection between the ECU and the antenna is a CANBUS one so a resistor wont do it.

Fitted the ECU and installed the 07 990S personality module plus of course the 07S fuel map

Have run it for 100 kms today and apart from the typical 07 throttle response, which I can live with it ran fine. It ran like a dog for the first few miles with an erratic idle, but after stripping, checking all connections both electical and physical, as well as lubing up the throttle cable and loosening up the play it has gone ok for the last 80 kms. Keeping my fingers crossed

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Be interesting to see a circuit diagram of both ECUís, Iím sure some electronics whiz kid could make a dongle to eliminate the immobiliser or might just be a case of shorting a couple of wires with a few resistors. If the 08 and 11 ECUís are that same then itís just going to be a different map adaptation !!! Maybe.
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