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Originally Posted by Tripped1 View Post
Pretty sure it was a quote by Marquez at the Valencia test.

....followed closely by him complaining that the traction control was hurting his corner exits

On that note, I've never ridden a MotoGP bike, I've ridden an S1000RR and it could only be described as mindbendingly fast. These guys are almost a different species.

That's the thing. I just don't *really* have any idea what they're doing to control these bikes. But it's fun to think about in the abstract.

One of the things I've noticed is it seems to me that riding styles are more similar than they used to be. I remember everyone commenting on Dohan's unusual style. You could sure tell it was him going through a corner. Now it seems everyone has very similar body position and technique when riding the bike. Even CS looked similar, just more extreme. I kind of chaulk it up to the influence of the electronics.

If anybody want's to post pics to prove me wrong I'd love to see them.
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