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Thanks Reaver -

I do basic maintenance myself (wheels, oil, farkles and electrics, bearings, chain tension) I leave the inner bits to the pros ( valve adjustments, clutch etc).

I was thinking of taking it to the BMW shop for a full service and attempting to make a claim on anything that they said needed replaced or repaired based on water damage. Of course, I'd check with my agent first...


Originally Posted by Reaver View Post
Well, you could go all anal on it (sorry ) and do all of the above and then some like I do with the GF's bike cause she rides alone- then have her write it off 20 kms after I spent the weekend doing major service!

Well consider the following:

When are your tires due?
Fork oil change?
Valve check or major service?
Do you do the work or pay shop rate?

Hard to make a claim based on "maybe". Maybe you should've pushed it over and have it all under?

I'd say take a weekend, pick up some grease, anti-seize and beer to show it how much you care. An ounce of prevention. Here in Winterland, I do a full service in the late fall. Just did tires/valve check/steering brgs/wheel brgs etc. That way I can ride all summer with little concern.

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