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Originally Posted by F800ekelley View Post
I am looking to ride from phoenix az to philadelphia pa in july was wondering if I could get some advice from the iron butt guys and the riders who have done it before trip in in july 2013. I have family to stay with along the way but would like to put in 15 to 20 hour days . I will be riding a f800gs. Was wondering what safest route is? Fun roads? Best route? Good places for food? Most of all routes with fewest trucks ? Any fffeedback would be great any most stops or must have gear?
Your questions and statements are at odds with one another, although I doubt that you realize that... at this point.

Staying with family is not conducive to quick, early departures, such as you will need to make this trip work. Same with "good places for food". If you're going to attempt a lot of miles in a short time, McD's, Burger King, and the like are where you will have to partake of sustenance. Sitting down to enjoy a meal will be a luxury you can ill afford.

Do you enjoy riding at night? For making time that is usually the best. It will be cooler, traffic is usually moving at a rapid rate, and LEO presence is generally lighter. To put in 15 hours of riding will require 18 hours of being wide awake and active. Any time you stop drops your average overall speed an amazing amount, so you want to pack as much in the way of necessities with you, and have them readily accessible.

If you manage it, this will undoubtedly be quite a learning experience for you.
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