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Originally Posted by stevenxr36 View Post
Hey Inmates,

Please post your current mileage!

I use my F800GS as a daily rider and have 29,000 miles on her. No major issues. Interested in hearing about issues with higher mileage bikes since thats where mines headed.

And can anyone confirm that the cam chain tensioners need to be replaced somewhere around 50,000 miles? And perhaps if you can post the price you paid for that service.

Thanks so much for any input!
I use mine for a commuter too and I'm at 31K. Starting to get a little nervous and wondering what sort of longevity I will get out of it. I just have my fuel tank replaced. I had a rocker leak early on and my fuel pump gasket failed within the first 600 miles, other than that, no problems.

I spent most of my time on pavement with some offroad desert excursions, mostly trails and some deep sand.

I hope I can get a lot more out of this bike since I still will be paying on it for a couple more years. Any thoughts from you higher mileage guys?
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