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Originally Posted by fred flintstone View Post
Roger, Mr. C, et al,
Quick update here, the AFR meter I had ordered turns out to be the wrong one for my model PCIII, and the right one is NLA. So I have shut down experimentation on the GSA, spending the waning hours of this riding season tuning the PCIII on my FJR1300 (now improved with loud pipes, I feel so much safer).

Roger if you could maybe make a recommendation? And that would be what is the base configuration of the LC1 or other Innoavative products needed for basic data acq capabilities? It turns out the general state of knowledge of PCIII FJR ECU interaction is as pitiful as the GS, even more so, and some actual data would be good. On those models you disconnect the O2 sensor completely so that plug is just sitting there waiting for a wideband...

Thanks to everyone involved for a great discussion.


Since I've got the GS-911 for the R1150, it pairs fairly well the the LC-1. The GS-911 can log data points for everything the Motronic tracks, about 14 items including RPM, TPS, Spark, Injection and all the sensors. Then I use the LC-1 to log realtime O2 data. I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have the GS-911.

The LC-1 comes with a Bosch LSU 4.2 O2 sensor, Wideband Controller, AFR Gauge, serial cable (need to buy serial to USB cable), calibration switch and LED status lamp. All you really need is a cable to connect to your ECU O2 input if you want Closed Loop and some very basic junction box to terminate and wire the cables together (there's a thread called Wideband O2 Installation Overview). It also comes with AFR logging software. So basically you buy the LC-1 and a $5 plastic junction box and apart from the wiring job, that is everything.
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