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Originally Posted by mototifosi View Post
Live South Bay (San Jose) and would be interested. I clicked on your other link but didn't find any detail.
Questions for you:

Anyone going down from this area? Sounds like you all have rigs or campers yes? Any room on a trailer? Will you be staying in a campground or? If so, is there a motel fairly close to your base camp? How long are the day rides miles wise? Have a WR250R with stock tank, 2 gal + 1 gal Roto. Maybe 135 miles if floggin the bajeezus out of it.

Thanks in advance!
Sounds like you have all the bike you need. Day rides are typically 60 to 100 miles. I don;t know anyone from your way that has extra room for hauling anyone. I'll post it on our site to see what pops up. We dry camp in the open areas. Outhouse bathrooms aren't too far away. Never rented a room out there so can't be a help on that front.
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