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Originally Posted by gtbensley View Post
No idea what I would replace it with. I would shy away from another gen 1 because of the second gear issues. While mine is fine, I would be sad to buy another and have that happen to it.
Originally Posted by gtbensley View Post
Well the offered me $4,817 for the bike.....hell of a lot more then I expected. I can buy my old one back for $700 which I intend to do as it already had a salvage title.
If it were me, I KNOW what I'd do - I'd buy the bike back, then buy another nice, unscuffed Gen 1 bike with a known second gear problem for cheap, and put the motor with the good second gear in it - then sell parts on EBay or wherever and have a nice holiday with the money left over!

BTW, here's a link to a site with a copy of the MCN review of the Motion Pro Fork-Tru fork alignment tool. This thread is going to make me spend money!
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