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Originally Posted by earling View Post
privateers with funky vans, just the smell of Penzoil and Castrol wafting through the trees, sunny summer days, Maicos, CZs, Zundapps, Montesas, TMs, Elsinores...
Heaven, man.
again so true. I remember seeing the yellow tank CZ's for the first time at races. Husky's and Bultaco's we knew cos they were sold locally. But seeing real pits back then with the smorgasboard of euro bikes mixed in with the japanese along with the odd psycho on a SL or Sprint or even a Rokon. the smell. I like todays races when the expert class rolls by a lot of them are running race fuel and you can smell it but the smell of the bean oil back then. the sounds. the get off's. todays riders start younger and develop skills so the truly spectacular wipe outs we all were so good at are few and far between today. gloves? didn't need them. nothing like the sight of a yamaha enduro converted to MX duty going over a jump and the seat flopping up in the air on the hinges and slapping back down. would it kill todays riders to break a frame every now and then? I went to Unadilla's first VMX this year and got to rub elbows with Weinert, Lackey, Hansen, Stanton, Barnett, Guy Cooper, Gary and DeWayne Jones, Lechein who even made me like him after years of not. Great stuff...
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