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Great pictures..... good times...... great point of view.

I don't have much. I own just what I have a use for. It is all paid for, and and I use it well.

I am not envious of people who apparently have this that and the other thing. All too often it is still being paid for, and / or they live their lives worrying that someone might steal it from them.

My ex-girlfriend, Lady Never Enough, wanted to ride around in a horseless carriage, so she took up with a guy who had a car..... and sold the small motorcycle I bought her, to help him pay it off. Was she any better off? I suppose it depends on your point of view.

Some of my best motorcycle trips were around the British Isles and Europe in the early to mid '90s, on a Honda CB250RS that I picked up for 500. I camped or stayed in YHA hostels. Unfortunately there were no digital cameras back then and the photos I took are stashed half the world away from where I am now, so cannot post them.

It is a joy now to have a digital camera, a Mac Mini, and mobile broadband (no phone line to my rented apartment).

The memories remain with me. The bike didn't.... I had it about 4 years, then it was stolen when I popped into a news agent for just a couple of minutes. C'est la vie
there are old motorcyclists and bold motorcyclists
but you seldom meet an old, bold motorcyclist

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