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Question Getting in that motor

There it is, the spare motor. What's going on inside that thing? I don't know, but I'm gonna throw some wrenches at it until I find out.

Look at that, looks like aftermarket springs and retainers. What's that camshaft all about then? I'm gonna get that piece otta there.

There you are you little bastard, what that stamping say on there?

148x9? That looks like a Megacycle number to me.

Off to the megacycle site to decode that number. What do we have?

.400" 264 102 Must use racing piston, springs and guides. 30 btc/54 abc .005"
.390" 260 103 Good off-road cam for mid-range throttle response. 53 bbc/27 atc .007"
Sweeeet. Racing piston, springs and guides? Looks like I got all that covered. Gotta send this head off to Cycle Wizard for a once over, rebuild if necessary, (maaaaaybe some other work) and I got myself a hot rod top end.
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