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cheapo way to swap rims from rear to front don't always's why...

Originally Posted by wrysingfeenix View Post

Circa 1980 Honda CB750 with spoked wheels; a 17" rear with a "larger" drum brake hub and a 19" front with a "smaller" hub. Can you re-drill (?) the rear rim and spoke it to the front hub if I send you these two components? The entire wheel will be powder coated, so less expensive spokes would suffice.

Ballpark estimate? Turnaround time?


ok pardner,,,the idea is great,,the devil is in the details,,,if they are chrome/steel rims this conversion is more difficult to re-angle than if ya had alloy rims[we have more latitude ..
HOWEVER in this/your case the spoke angle is too radical on the rear rim to be converted to the spoke angle on the front,,,..just lay one wheel on top o feach other and you'll see the predicament ,,the lil disc hub up front has the spokes coming almost straight out of the dimple,,look at the rear and the spokes are coming out of the outer edges of the dimple,,,

tell me what you are trying to do,,my hunch some quasi super moto machine or perhaps something with a big wheel front street cruiser...

you'll need a different/custom spoke kit,,want low budget we can probably put a good used set together for circa $50 new circa $100

i'll see what 17 x2.15 or was it a2.5x 17 that was on them ol hondas...

whatever ,,we can help ya within your $$ constraints...
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